California Closets in Hoboken

California Closets (overkill)?

(Keeping up with the “California” theme today….) In Hoboken these days, you almost can’t walk a block without seeing some new construction or renovation going on. And along with those “renovations” – often come luxury “upgrades” like California Closets.

Big giant walk-in closets used to be reserved exclusively for the ultra-affluent of society. Who absolutely needed the room for their expansive wardrobes. You know, like celebrities that “needed” a different outfit for every hour of the day, because God-forbid they’re ever photographed by the paparazzi wearing the same thing more than once!

With some exceptions – most places in Hoboken can hardly spare the room for a walk-in closet (I’d much rather have a functioning kitchen than a giant clothing storage room). But why are so many people adding this “feature” to their living spaces? And can’t a general contractor do it cheaper than this “brand name” company like California Closets?

And what gets me the most is – that ALL photos of these “California Closets” further demonstrate the overkill. Look here. 200 sq. ft. of closet for two dozen outfits? Who does that? Why? Because clothes need “breathing room?” Seems excessive to me, and I can bet that hardly anyone’s walk-in closet is so neat.

California Closets Overkill in Hoboken NJ

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