Phallic Lackawanna?

Phallic Lackawanna? Or just decorative?

Hoboken411 reader Lenny sent in a photo highlighting a design element of Lackawanna Plaza.

“What is this supposed to represent? My perspective is the designers were trying to get away with something that was hidden in plain sight. I can’t imagine in over 100 years I am the first to notice this…”

Well, he’s obviously suggesting that it represents male genitalia (obviously, since he named the attachment “penis.jpg.”)

I don’t know – sure, you can say it looks kind of phallic – but to say every oblong ornamental design was *intended* to represent a penis is a bit of a stretch.

My call? Too much porn in today’s world – otherwise Lenny wouldn’t have “penis” on his mind where that was the only explanation he could come up with.

phallic lackawanna symbols in Hoboken NJ

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