Brand relevancy…

Where are we today with “Brand Relevancy?”

I see these “portraits” that local Hoboken “Tape Artist” has put on the old Wonder Bread factory all the time. They essentially immortalize “Facebook” and “Instagram.” Or more specifically, the icons that zombies see on their “communicators” (i.e., cell phones, pocket computers, or whatever you want to call them).

But this got me thinking recently. While “Facebook” (or as many dissenters call “fakebook”) and “Instagram” are commanding the attention of hundreds of millions (and billions) or people on planet Earth – how long will they last? What is their “shelf life?”

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Strong “brands” of the past…

Before we explore what these new “brands” are – let’s take a trip down memory lane and think about other “brands” that have essentially withstood the test of time.

Car companies (Ford, GM, Audi, BMW), Appliances (GE, Meile), Computers (IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Intel), Household (J&J, Colgate), DIY (Dewalt, Werner, Milwaukee), and countless other “B2B” type “Industrial” companies that handle the big stuff (construction, infrastructure, and more). Those types of companies have stood the test of time for many reasons. The niche market. Startup costs. Reputation. It all plays together.

One thing that ties most of these “long term” business (other than when they got “big,”) is that they produce mostly PHYSICAL goods. And that is a big deal.

Today’s “brands” are nothing more that bits and bytes!

Most of these multi-billion dollar “big deals” today – are nothing more than “bit pushers.” And if you’re anything like me – that is a bit disturbing.

Why? Because these companies don’t actually produce anything.

Now let me backtrack a little here. The fact that they’re not actually contributing much to society is not the issue.

They are performing one thing well. Being “first to market” with what essentially boils down to a “trend.”

While one friend of mine (his father) said that “The internet is just a fad” back in the early 90’s when we moved to Hoboken (and was WAY wrong) – had some lingering truths to his prophecy.

Facebook and Instagram in 2025 – ?

Certainly – 10 years from 2005 to 2015 was a major shift in technology improvements – what will 2015 to 2025 bring?

This is my point really. You have what amounts to a genuine “majority” of people who now call “Facebook” their MAIN time-waster in general.

Will “Facebook” mature over the next decade and essentially have “a lock” on how people communicate? Or will something(s) new come along? Or will people start “backing off” this way of communicating with one another? Find something else to consume their time?

Have the “powers that be” successfully ruined humanity? When people just respond to FAKE images outputted by Instagram filters – how good do you feel about our culture and humanity?

Almost EVERY business (who has a website) almost NEEDS to have “links” to their other social network bullshit havens – like Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. Kind of makes me shake my head. I mean “Pinterest?” All it is is images of stuff. No emotion. No deep thought. All in two dimensions. A diluted down 1000x. Can’t stop shaking my head why it’s blowing up like that…

Will this be a relic? Or just another notch?

My main point for documenting these so-called “icons” was because I’m wondering about how long they’ll survive.

“Big Deals” have failed countless times throughout society. The music industry alone is an interesting example. LP’s, to tapes, to CD’s, to … whatever digital crap we have today. It’s kind of almost met it’s end (especially since most of it can be COPIED and shared).

But technology is certainly not going to stay exactly the way it is today. 3D printing, holography, and more – can also push these “new” technologies back as well.

I just wonder when I see these (VERY STUPID) social networks “immortalized” by some millennial artist – what this same artist will think about a decade from now. “What the fuck was I thinking?” or “I called it!”

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