Hoboken snow cleanup – WTF?

Hoboken snow cleanup always botched – blizzard or NOT!

WTF is wrong with Hoboken snow cleanup - Hoboken snow cleanup - WTF?Seriously – what the fuck is up with Hoboken snow cleanup? You can’t even blame “historic blizzards” (that didn’t happen) or ethnic holidays, either! This is just PLAIN INEPTITUDE BY THE CITY OF HOBOKEN!

A few “average” winter events that they’ve had PLENTY of experience dealing with. It’s clear they didn’t “learn” anything from previous encounters.

There’s no point even trying to outline exactly what was screwed up – because it’s simple. ALL OF IT WAS SCREWED UP!

From the city flip-flopping on “street cleaning” days – to having streets FULLY VOID OF CARS and NO CLEANUP WHATSOEVER! In fact, the areas that looked like “something” was happening was nothing more than pushing snow from one spot to another!

And they want to double, triple, even QUADRUPLE fines for “not moving” your car?

(What’s that sound? Hmm, sounds curiously like pitchforks… I wonder where they’re coming from? Where are they going? City Hall maybe?)

What do they “do” exactly at city hall? I mean how logistically difficult can this be?

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Friday, February 6, 2015 1:32 pm

The area between 11th and 9th on Jefferson street has had ‘No Parking Wed-Fri’ signs up this week. Cars cannot park on a 2 block stretch of road, which by the way is surrounded by large residential buildings. All week people have been struggling to get their cars out of these spaces and find new spots. It is now Friday at 1:30pm and the snow/ice on the side of the road hasn’t had so much as a handful of salt thrown at it. So basically, the only thing the city did was set up a parking trap and hope to hand out tickets… not a single thing was even attempted to resolve the ice/snow situation. It’s completely disgusting.

Friday, February 6, 2015 2:14 am

The residents get a call telling us to move cars for snow removal starting Wednesday. We struggle to clear thick layer of ice off our cars and struggle to get out of icy spaces and find another space that doesn’t exist. Later on we return to see NO snow or ice has been removed or even plowed into piles on the wednesday side of the street. Figure out what you’re doing before making announcements!

Thursday, February 5, 2015 6:41 pm

Bayonne MAyor Mark Smith showed competence right out of the gate. http://www.nj.com/jjournal-news/index.ssf/2014/02/bayonne_hoboken_relax_parking.html

Hoboken Mayor can not or will not make decisions required for Immediate Needs Response. Her practice as we know is to consider, delay, do nothing, fail and then claim Victory! If I had a family in town I would not stay risking the treacherous sidewalks and the grid lock where emergency vehicles can not get by.

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