Former Hobokenite in Cyprus

4/15/2008 Update:

Ex-Hoboken resident Nick emailed Hoboken411 to share his latest “mix tape” (video) with all of you.

What do you think of his soccer (futbol) skills?

See when he said hello back in March after the jump…


Even after leaving Hoboken, readers still can’t get enough of!

Reader Nick Gkionis, who attended Stevens Institute for four years, as well as tended bar at Mikie Squared, chimes in to advise us what he’s up to!

“I moved out of my apt. on 6th and park last summer because I had signed a contract to play pro soccer overseas in Cyprus. Since I have been over here, I read your site daily to keep up with whats going on in Hoboken!”

When asked what kind of pro soccer he plays out there, he said:

“It’s a 2nd Division team here in Cyprus. It’s not the highest level of pro soccer, but it gives me an opportunity to showcase my talents. It’s not a million dollar contract, but it’s easy because I don’t have a family I need to support. My dream has always been to play professional soccer, and if I can make it up to the first division, that would be great!”

You can check out his blog here:

And he’s trying to make a “mixtape” of his soccer skills, and provided a YouTube teaser of what he’s done so far:

Good luck, Nick, and thanks for writing in!

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Hey Nick, great choice in background music…Goal!!! :mrgreen:


Interesting presidential politics in Cyprus. Greek-Cypriot politics is like a white hot oven. Hot babes too.


i know this guy!!