Slow Watches – Awesome!

Changing the way you tell time with Slow Watches

For thousands of years – human beings have always been eager to know what time it was. And the ability to “tell time” accurately (with portability) – was one of the most important shifts in humanity – only took place a few hundred years ago. Now everyone is constantly reminded of what time it is – to the minute and even second – continually throughout the day! Which is why a new company called Slow Watches interested me greatly.

Slow Watches are awesome

Less stressed about “time passed” with Slow Watches

Slow watches have only ONE hand. The hours. And it moves around the dial ONE time per day. No minute hand and no second hand. Just like a 24-hour sundial – where you know “about” what time it is – and time actually seems to “go by” slower, believe it or not!

And when their marketing material says stuff like “Don’t chase every minute,” you’ll understand what they mean once you’ve been wearing one for a week or two. The feeling of “wasting time” has vanished (even when we’re certain we may have done that recently). By having a watch that doesn’t blatantly remind you that a whopping “45 minutes” has gone by – you’ll never have that feeling of “OMG” panic. Strange but true.

Even more odd is that you’ll find that you’re early for appointments – and actually USE time more efficiently when you just know “Around” what time it is. I speak from personal experience!

Here’s a video of the founder talking about how the idea was born:

They have many various band styles available for both men and women. I bought the “Slow Jo Mesh” model (see below) and I absolutely love it. Fits like a glove (adjustable of course), and has a high-quality stainless steel band that I think will last a long time.

It came with an extended two-year warranty as well.

Tip: Best to “set” the watch at the top of the hour – as it’s easiest to see. But any 15-minute increment can work too. Just know that it may be a couple minutes ahead or behind of the “actual” time. Set according to your preference (some people like to make their watches a little fast, etc.)

Slow Watches best watches ever

(The time I took this picture was "around 6pm-ish")

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