NOT okay for you!

Only for city hypocrites – NOT okay for you!

Adding to the city parking offender file here in Hoboken is yet another one of the daily examples of “it’s okay for US – but not okay for YOU.”

Here, a city utility vehicle parks in a forbidden zone for whatever reason.

If you parked there (say to drop off medicine for an elderly resident), you’d get ticketed, booted and robbed.

Reminder: The “laws” are (supposedly) for the sake of “public safety.” How does it being a city vehicle make it that much LESS of a “public safety” hazard?

Answer: It doesn’t, and the laws are complete BS only designed to steal money from you.

Hoboken NJ city vehicle parks illegally

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The City may be parking fine addicted/dependent but this is going a little too far in my opinion. I’d rather that the City employees who are supposed to deliver services (paid for in large part with those fines) park in these giant striped zones and actually do what they are supposed to do (here, what, empty garbage or salt the sidewalks?) instead of driving around town hunting for a legit spot. At least they didn’t block the bike lane?


The 2/3 Council meeting is mandatory viewing on this City mandated and codified theft. You need only watch the last five to ten minutes to get their number.