Reader Mail: Slow driving menace


You ever see that guy that drives his putt-putt van around town so slow that it causes dangerous congestion and back-ups wherever he goes?

A Hoboken411 reader sent an email in the other day, and I finally got a chance to snap a picture of this frustrating nuisance yesterday.

Horrific driver

“I’ve been reading your site for several months now, and I enjoy it very much.

I’ve been living in Hoboken for 2 years and thought I would mention this to you to see if you have seen this as well.

I initially spotted a van driving extremely slowly around town. So slow to the point that I could beat him from traffic light to traffic light on Washington Street if I were on a leisurely stroll.


His van is a Ford Aerostar van of several colors, gray, black, dark blue, and light blue. Every panel is dented, the front and rear are smashed in. Obviously this guy crashes into things and people crash into him. The man who drives it is very elderly, wears overalls and slightly resembles the guy on the Gorton’s fishsticks box.

He drives slowly, causes traffic tie-ups, and everyone honks at him. When he drives, it’s almost as if there is no one behind the wheel and the car is idling forward by itself. He also has enough crap in his car to fill a studio apartment.

Anyway, he causes a lot of issues while driving, especially on Hoboken’s narrow one-way streets where you cannot get around him. I first saw him a year ago and have seen him every couple of months since. I saw him most recently on Sunday turning onto Washington from 7th Street and he was going so slowly that he got stuck making the right hand turn and actually stopped. The idle wasn’t strong enough to power his car uphill. He nearly caused an accident.

Have you seen this guy? Do you know who he is? Is he related to some politician and is that why the Hoboken cops don’t stop him? Thanks.”


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Jimmy hung up the VAN. I see Jimmy all around town but never see him driving the van anymore thank God. He is just as slow on foot. 😛


How can he have a parking decal if he doesn’t have an address?


[quote comment=”73532″]
Who is a real nuisance is the old spanish speaking lady with the leg disease who curses and yells at everyone up and down Wash.St because she requests specific dollar amounts or certain items(@Boston Market) that people have the audacity not to give her!! But on a lighter side I haven’t seen her in a while maybe she’s hibernating.[/quote]

You mean the former Bank of America bum who would be sitting in the the ATM vestibule waiting to ask for $1.50? I hated her! I’d actually pay the extra fees to go to another ATM just to avoid her…


I love him! he’s the best thing to happen to Bloomfield and Garden Streets! Driving so slow he encourages people to get on to Washington, which is where through-traffic in town belongs.

Does anyone notice how an increasing number of drivers seem to ignore the “Yield to PEdestrians” in crosswwalks signs and LAWS in town? Maybe we should take some of these streets and not allow through traffic any more. Willow is the worst!

kooky kat

I saw this van last night, it’s not the driver that’s the problem it’s this piece of shit van! Honestly, if they don’t have a relative at City Hall (as suggested) I would be very surprised. There is no way this thing would pass any kind of inspection!!!