Winter = Snow

Winter = Snow {Now what will they do?}

Last week’s “blizzard” was all hype, and didn’t amount to anything other than an ordinary weather event. Yes, winter = snow, in case you forgot about it. Just in the same way summer = thunderstorms and pouring rain, weather happens all year round. But somehow the body collective seems to have forgot.

But as they say “don’t let any good crisis go to waste,” the state of NJ tried “banning” travel throughout the state. All 8700 square miles of it.

Now with this storm “expected” to dump 6-12 inches over a wide swath of the northern part of NJ (which would be a significant amount MORE than the stupid “blizzard”), what do you think “the state” will do next? Because in actuality, they’re “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” at this point in time:

  1. No travel restrictions because they don’t want to appear inept again. People die, blame the government. Heads roll.
  2. Travel restrictions again. The “statist” government gets more and more intrusive, angering strong-willed individuals.

Regardless – I’m sure it’ll be the last thing from your mind six months from now when it’s 100 degrees.

Hoboken Snow February 2 2015

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