Candy Crush of America

Evidence – Candy Crush of America front and center

Game apps on phones and tablets are absolutely brilliant. Masterful in their use of psychological trickery, feeding addictions much in the same way “cliff-hanger” type television shows keep you coming back for more. While is why I like to call the whole thing the “Candy Crush of America.”

These puzzle games (available on all platforms) are so prevalent now – that they are a multi-billion dollar industry. They sell Candy Crush clothing, they have commercials, and “in-app” purchases that millions of addicted “fans” of the game just pony up pennies (millions of times over).

You have to give the developers at Candy Crush some credit… they know they have the mobile phone users of the world by the balls. And no better place to advertise their product than at bus stops, where most people are now physically uncomfortable with an actual face-to-face conversation these days.

It’s kind of sad the “grip” games like this have on some members of society. I often see people playing this game just walking around or waiting on line at Starbucks. I mean, really – does the game need you that badly? Does playing this game raise you to the top of the social pecking order because you “made it to level 550?” I highly doubt that. Just imagine how better off our country would be if that time was put to better use?

But I have to say that haven’t been completely immune from this “phenomenon” either, as there were some points in the past where our iPad found it’s way into the water closet. We had to remind ourselves that reading real books was more beneficial in the long run – and had to “snap out of it.”

Candy Crush of America

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