Sign overload on Newark St.

10/15/2008 Update:

Here’s a simple example more than seven months after this “death row” of signs was installed on Newark Street…

This bus went back and forth for 5 minutes as it tried to negotiate this corner – due to a illegally parked car on the northwest part of the intersection. However if this crazy row of excessive signs wasn’t there, the bus could have slightly traversed the curb to make the turn – instead, there was a long line of angry parked cars behind him….


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This are of Hoboken is beginning to look like a demented carnival.

Here’s what one Hoboken411 reader had to say:

“Why is it so hard for this city NOT to execute a simple sign install without looking like 5th grade idiots?

Seriously, who is in charge of making these decisions and what are their qualifications? Also, I had predicted that the installation of the traffic light on Hudson/Newark would result in a much more dangerous situation as drivers attempt to catch the yellow light. Yes, I see it every day now. They probably reach 40mph now as they speed up heading towards the SINGLE MOST ACTIVE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING in all of Hoboken. Great job city hall, thanks! Sad that the HPD cannot control speeding traffic right in front of police HQ!”



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Are you aware that it is illegal for a vehicle to go up on a curb or sidewalk? Also,I think the owner of the property would appreciate getting a letter from the city telling them to repair the damaged curb and sidewalk after the bus drove over it.


Brady — Ick, zipcar. The expense of keeping a car doesn’t bother me as long as I can get the freaking thing when I want/need it.


Zip cars suck. All those penalties and fees. A personal car might be cheaper than a zip car…..ha ha


[quote comment=”73186″]
I agree with everyone who says there are better ways of keeping vehicles off of the sidewalk. This is ridiculous. Bollards, planters- there are numerous more conventional ways of dealing with this.[/quote]

And of course someone would hit that bollard and sue the city.


Driving over the curb is not the solution, but two signs would have sufficed. The sign on the left saying “No parking” with an arrow to the right, and the other with saying “No parking” with an arrow to the left. Or a no parking here to corner sign…

but we all know the Hoboken police wouldn’t understand how to enforce that.