“The Storm”

Insanity and “the storm”

Man, the media hypes these storms as if people will be trapped for weeks or months without food or water, and will certainly cease living if they don’t rush to the store for their lifeline of supplies. This “major east coast storm” was no different. All major supermarkets and hardware stores were MOBBED the day before the snow started.

It’s probably the same people that go out every time a storm gets hyped too. You’d think that after just one instance, that they would permanently be converted into “preppers” who would always have at least six months of food and water on hand. But nope. Not the case. Why can’t people learn not to wait until the last minute? Is it that hard to comprehend? Do they lack those cognitive skills?

Anyway, here’s a quirky video from Hudson County Comedian Pat Lamb regarding the whole “hype machine” when it comes to prepping for “the storm.” I love the way he refers to these people as “locusts.”

“Bread & Milk!”

And I’m sure you’ve seen this viral video from two years ago from Comedian Vic Dibitetto “Bread & Milk:”

But getting your “supplies” before the storm makes sense

Despite the truly unnecessary need to rush to the store before the storm – I can see some logic behind it.

Because I for one, prefer NOT driving in the snow. And most importantly – it is because the IDIOTIC drivers that go out and try to navigate the snowy conditions. And your chances of getting injured or wrecking your car because of OTHER PEOPLE’S stupidity are much more likely.

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