Buffalo Bills Parody Music Video

Hoboken Resident makes Buffalo Bills Parody Video

In today’s day and age – instead of being innovative and creating new things, or “forging your own path,” as they say – people now “make a name for themselves” by consuming popular things like “professional sports.” We’ve said this before – and will say it again. Ask yourself how humanity benefits by being “fans” of any professional sports team? And the money they spend on memorabilia, tickets and apparel. And think about what you could do with the time you reclaim!

Anyway – I figured I’d show what Hoboken resident Ryan Shibley wanted us to share. It’s a Buffalo Bills Parody Music Video about how pathetic “their team” has been by not making the so-called “playoffs” 15 years in a row.

I guess how people determine “net worth” these days is not about accomplishments – but how “their team” fares and by how many “views” they got on YouTube?

“Here’s the “Playoffs” Buffalo Bills parody music video that I created and filmed at my apartment (in Hoboken) in early January. It focuses on how the Buffalo Bills have missed the playoffs for 15 years in a row now. The parody music video features two other Buffalo Bills fans as well… Tim Miller (Hoboken) and Thomas B. Murphy (Queens). I wrote the lyrics for it, performed/recorded the song at “KimAudio” in Brooklyn with the help of Nick Kim, and co-directed the music video. Court Dunn (Restless Films) filmed, edited, co-directed and was the director of photography on the project. This Buffalo Bills parody music video was also featured on the Channel 4 News in Buffalo: Bills fans make playoff parody video as well as on the Channel 8 News in Rochester. Right below is the quick news bit that was broadcast on the Channel 4 News in Buffalo.”

Well – I do have to give Ryan some credit. He wrote clever lyrics that describes his addiction to a singular “professional” team of men who run around a field tossing a ball around in tights. Some folks just consume 100% of the time.

Credit where credit is due, yo!

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