Reagan Common Sense

Where are the “Reagans” in politics today?

You can belong to any “camp” you want in politics. You can label yourself left or right, liberal or conservative, capitalistic or socialistic – one thing that pretty much destroys all those labels and eliminates the need for “sides” you can take is: common sense.

Remove the emotion. Remove the haves and the have-nots – and common sense would make all our problems go away. Sure you have to think about that for more than five minutes, but it is the absolute truth.

Below is a great interview from just 41 years ago – when (then) former California Governor Ronald Reagan made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. What are some observations you can make?

  • How the crowd is respectful (clapping, no yelling)
  • The interview is actually more civil, with a lot less “joking” and more focus towards practical discussion.
  • Listen to how well spoken Reagan was. This was back when there was more conversation and less “sound bites.”
  • There was actually talk about less government (i.e., does far more damage than good) Good luck with that today, when more than half the country gets some kind of gubbmint entitlement.

How do you “unwind” the problems of today? Can you carefully go back to better times – or has it reached “the point of no return” where only things have to “hit the fan” in the worst way in order to re-establish sensibility and common sense?

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