Psychopathic tree plantings!

Who plants trees in front of stop signs? Hoboken does.

We told you yesterday about all the trees being planted this winter in Hoboken. However, it gets worse.

1st & Willow is one of the busiest (and dangerous) intersections downtown. Pedestrians, double-parked cars, split second timing necessary. And they planted a frickin’ tree directly in front of a stop sign here? What the Hell?

If this tree survives through the spring – it will completely block the stop sign once it blooms. Who allowed this to happen?

Attention lawyers! Please keep an eye out for this intersection. The minute ANYONE gets hurt because a car ran through – you have a SLAM DUNK CASE against the city (who gives away money for lawsuit settlements like it’s Halloween!)

Hoboken trees planted in front of stop sign near 1st and willow - Psychopathic tree plantings!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015 4:28 pm

How utterly STUPID!

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