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Tutti Nails & Spa – Maxwell Place – Hoboken, NJ

Tutti Nails coming to Maxwell Place in Hoboken NJComing this winter to Maxwell Place uptown is Tutti Nails & Spa.

Tutti Nails & Spa seems to be a chain of some sort – with various locations around New Jersey, New York and Boston. And quite simply, I cannot imagine this being anything beyond what we already have dozens of in Hoboken – a place to get your nails done and other cosmetic touch-ups.

This got me thinking – as I have observed in the past – that most residents in cities like Hoboken suffered from something called a “Four Block Radius Syndrome.” Where 99% of your commerce took place within four blocks of where you lived. Dry cleaner. Nail salon. Watering hole. Chinese place. Parking spot. Almost everything (except your “S.O.” because that could spell disaster.)

But with all these repetitive businesses peppering the landscape here in town, I think we can soon call it the “One or Two Block Radius Syndrome.” All we need up at Maxwell Place is a dry cleaner and Sushi place, and you’ll be spending the least amount of time outside as possible!

Tutti Nails Hoboken NJ Maxwell Place

Description: Nail Salon
Address: 1115 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

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