Being offended is the worst trend ever

You’re nobody unless you’re offended by everything

Are you one of the growing number of people easily offended by almost everything? If so, please shut the fuck up.

Thanks to useless instant communication platforms like Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of the time-wasting, soul-sucking ways to watch your life fade away – now the entire world can immediately hear any and all complaints about “life as we know it.”

Did you see this piece earlier this week? People got “offended” because the diner at The Borgata casino offered Fried Chicken and Collard Greens as an MLK Day lunch special. Without researching that Martin Luther King, Jr. (like anyone with functioning taste buds) LOVED fried chicken (us too!) In fact it was one of his favorite meals. What better way to honor him? But the easily “triggered” weaklings had to get “offended” and label it some kind of “racist” action.

martin luther king MLK chicken FRIED at last

Time to revive the “shut the fuck up” movement

shut the fuck up movementThe phrase “shut the fuck up” is simple, yet quite powerful.

It implies the insignificance (and stupidity) of what someone is saying, as well as the refusal to hear any more of it.

We need to bring this back FULL FORCE. And I’m not talking about just those who aren’t afraid of a little “politically incorrect profanity.” I’m talking everyone top to bottom. CEO’s to janitors.

Immediately responding to all of these idiots the instant they get “offended” with a profound (and in all caps if online) “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” This includes all establishments or businesses (including the Borgata) that have to deal with such pansies.

Instead, what do we have today? The “PR” departments at MOST prominent businesses CODDLE these offended assholes. “God forbid we set off a “social media storm!” Instead, the “offended” should be told to “SHUT THE FUCK UP” and grow a pair. Go find a hobby or something. Fornicate. Get outside. Do something. ANYTHING other than being offended by something so trivial and inconsequential to life on earth.

(In cases where websites have profanity filters – a oft repeated “Yeah, So?” will work in a pinch…)

Side note: Media should stop “covering” being offend

See, part of the problem is – that the fledgling “media” gets a majority of their “news” now from social networks. Have you noticed that yet?

“Social media erupts with reactions to: _________________ (fill in the blank – verdict, ruling, event, quote, etc.)”

Do you actually care what some person with a twitter account said about the ruling in Ferguson? Or what lip-smacking chicken was served at a casino?

Apparently so – or the “media” would not do it (as it would be a waste of time if it didn’t translate into viewers or readers).

It’s time we just STOPPED paying attention to the mainstream “news.” I’ve said this before countless times. Read Rolf Dobelli’s Avoid News essay if you dare (it’s a whopping 11 pages – can you make it through?)

But I’m afraid to say this will never happen until either the power grid goes down, or they flip the “kill switch…”

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You cannot talk sense into the easily offended. But I get amused by asking them why they are not offended that they’re so sensitive about things that don’t affect their lives whatsoever. Drives them crazy.