Sidwalk manners in Hoboken

What ever happened to sidewalk manners in Hoboken?

You ever wonder what happened to “sidewalk manners” in general these days?

Sidewalk manners are part of a group of things called “common courtesy for others” while traversing public spaces. This includes “stopping in your tracks without looking around first,” and “occupying busy street corners for no other reason other than to bullshit with my friend.”

We’re not singling out “stroller people” per se, but this is an example of an action that is not courteous to others. To walk slowly while completely blocking the sidewalk for other, faster walkers. Pedestrians sans babies do this as well (especially in larger groups). God forbid one person is behind another.

People these days are completely incapable of “assessing” a certain situation anymore. They just “do” whatever without a care in the world. (Or until someone rightly yells at them and puts them in their place.)

I can only imagine how rough it would be if some kind of major emergency happened around here.

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On a sub 20 degree day, I had to stop and ask a couple to help the man next to them on the sidewalk who dropped his cane and was struggling t pick it up.