Does anyone like bowling?


If so, where do you go?


I happen to enjoy bowling every now and then. Much fun can be had at the bowling alley. A Hoboken411 reader was wondering what the best lanes around here are. I mentioned the lanes in Wallington, NJ, which are pretty affordable, but require a car. And there’s always Chelsea Piers or Bowlmor lanes in the city, which can be pricey.

He mentioned some lanes in Union City came up in his internet search. It seems to have a CVS in front of it, but I’m uncertain if the alley is still operational. Has anyone been? Is it skeevy?


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Tama Murden

Re 4.: Yup & also the later post re upgrades.

There also used to be a place near NYU for both bowling & ping pong. I believe it’s long gone.

Both are great ball sports, tho’ I far prefer ping pong, even though the ball is much smaller. :mrgreen:

Does anyone know of any good local ping pong places?


There used to be Bolero (great name!) on Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen, I think. Not sure if it is still open or what it’s like. Anyone know?


[quote comment=”73177″]The last time I went there with my boyfriend we bowled two games and it came to $70 which was too expensive in my opinion.[/quote]

Yeah, they seem to have tried to emulate Bowlmor. That said, I think there are some decent deals if you go during off-hours, like Sunday afternoons.


I’ve been their twice. Kind of shady getting to, but once you are there, it’s pretty low key, and pretty much everyone is there to do the same thing as you, Bowl.


i actually had my 24th birthday “party” at the place in union city. it was pretty awesomely low key, fun, and affordable. the drinks are cheap, the snacks are decent, and it’s not a popular place or a popular town so there was no wait for 2 lanes. the lanes were fine and i didn’t find it to be that skeevy.