Hoboken trees {in the winter}

Hoboken trees planted in the middle of winter

The other day – trucks with dozens of trees were swirling around Hoboken. To plant them. It was so cold that the union guys from Local 138 had to use hammers and crowbars to dig the holes to plant them! Who does this in the winter?

hoboken trees delivered in winter - Hoboken trees {in the winter}

Contractors don’t care if trees die – they get more work!

Hoboken411 reader Paul saw this as well and noted that “This is the same with lawyers – who do work that create problems that they get paid to fix!”

He continued: “If the contractor puts in trees and they die the contractor makes money replacing them. Nobody is really held responsible for anything. Ideally the contract should be to put living trees in specific holes in the sidewalk and make certain that tree remains alive for 3 years.”

I guess since Hoboken is “Tree City USA” they can plant ’em all year!

We’ll see how long these trees last – and “follow the money” once they have to be replaced!

Hoboken trees planted in middle of winter - Hoboken trees {in the winter}

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sassy lassie
sassy lassie
Wednesday, January 21, 2015 4:50 pm

Though Hoboken411’s caption style always make me laugh, I did feel a pang of sadness for the poor baby tree while I was chuckling. No idea why Hoboken is planting trees right now!

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