How do you drink Hoboken water?


With all these recent water main breaks and “boil water advisories” in Hoboken, how safe do you think the every day water is?

Being an enormous man, I have to drink gallons of water a day. I really like filtering my tap water not only because it’s probably safer, but the taste is that much better. While some friends do claim they enjoy the tap water, I just can’t do it.

In the past, I used to “double Brita” my water. That involved TWO pitchers, numbering them (“1” and “2”) filtering it once then pouring that filtered water into number 2. Sounds like a colonic, but it ain’t. It’s just delicious smooth water. However, after a while that became an enormous & time-consuming pain in the neck. I gave up, and went back to drinking “once filtered, twice the gunk” water again.

So a few weeks ago at Target, I devised a better system for twice-filtered water:

The “Hoboken411 Combo PÜR Brita System – Quintessentially Quenching!™”


Now I can flip a switch, fill my pitchers with already filtered water! Genius!

When you taste the difference, you won’t be able to go back.


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Multi-Pur filter, fitting under the kitchen sink, changed a couple of times a year — be careful, or you will make a mess during that.

We also have an AquaSmart filter on the showerhead so we don’t pass out in the bath from the lovely Hoboken water smell.


Poland Spring delivery here too. When I watered my plants with Hoboken tap water it turned the dirt a weird grayish and they started to droop.

uptown girl

skateparkmom – thanks for the link. People who drink bottled water should definately watch it.

We use filtered water, people and dog drinking water and often for cooking too.

oh well okay
oh well okay

[quote comment=”73193″]I prefer water from St. James Gate in Dublin, fortified with hops, barley and malt.[/quote]

the best kind! seriously though – after the last water advisory i threw out my brita and got a water cooler. just mentally i couldn’t drink the tap anymore


Does anyone have any experience with a whole house water filter? I need to replace my hot water heater, and I was going to look into adding a whole house filter as well.

I see that Aquasana has a couple, not sure if there are additional considerations. IE, reduced water pressure at every faucet.