Ravi Bhalla Mayor?

Ravi Bhalla Mayor of Hoboken, NJ?

How do you like that ring of that? “Ravi Bhalla Mayor of Hoboken, NJ.”

In case you didn’t know, the way Hoboken’s “government” is set up (according to the Faulkner Act), the council “president” is technically “next in charge” if something were to happen to the standing “mayor.” Just the way Don Zimmer became acting “mayor” when Peter Cammarano was removed from office.

And recently Ravi Bhalla was voted to assume the role of City Council “president” (despite his questionable ethics), with Dave Mello(n head) becoming vice “president.”

But are there other forces at play here?

Ravi Bhalla Mayor Hoboken NJ

Rumors abound regarding Zimmer & Crew

Political “insiders” have been rumbling quite loudly over the past several weeks. Sources have been talking about Zimmer being in some kind of “hot water” (we won’t expand on specifically what kind of hot water).

Some were saying a resignation was imminent (around the holidays). Sources also say there had been some “in-fighting” amongst the so-called “reform” members of the council on who would be “president” when they reorganized earlier this month (like they were positioning to get the corner office on the 2nd floor – as if they too “knew” what was coming down the pike.)

As you can see, no resignation happened, but the same buzz continues… with a new “drop dead date” being sometime closer to spring.

Additionally, sources say that Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla has also attained the services of a Public Relations firm. What low-level politician would need the expertise of a PR person (euphemism for “image and reputation manager”) unless they’re seeking higher office? So naturally the rumor-mill translated that into “he’s preparing to be mayor.”

How would you feel with Bhalla as mayor of Hoboken? While he does have that “always professional look” of a career politician (euphemism for “bullshit artist”), does his shady past and questionable entitlements make him any better than previous boneheads mayors who’ve occupied city hall?

Well, if the only requirement for being mayor was “most nasally sounding voice on planet earth,” then sure – it’s a perfect fit! But I think Hoboken can do better altogether with fresh blood and “non-connected” back-scratching pasts. Heck, there are plenty of successful business-owners in Hoboken that would know how to kick-start this city to the next level in a heartbeat.

The problem is that those people are smart – and don’t taint their lives with politics. So you’re always left with the “B-squad” no matter what…

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Friday, January 16, 2015 2:19 pm

Oh please, no!

Reply to  Frankie
Friday, January 16, 2015 3:12 pm

who wouldn’t want a representative with multiple ethical violations and one who is perplexed about his violations at that. Zimmer is lame along with her cohort of Council persons. They all need to be given the boot.[quote comment=”224275″]Oh please, no![/quote]

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