Lawmaker: Ban anonymous comments


File this under: “We don’t need no thought control!”

Here’s an article about how Kentucky legislator Tim Couch (R- Hyden, KY.) wants to ban anonymous commenting on internet websites to “stop bullying.” No doubt Hoboken City Hall would love that, since they already banned Hoboken411 once.

From Courier Journal, Louisville, KY. My comments in bold. Oh, I’m sure he probably believes this tabloid article in the photo as well.

anonymous computer hackers sm - Lawmaker: Ban anonymous comments
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Ky. lawmaker seeks ban on anonymous Internet posts

An Eastern Kentucky lawmaker wants to ban Kentuckians from anonymously posting information on the Internet.

Rep. Tim Couch, R-Hyden, filed a bill that would require anyone posting on interactive Web sites to first register using their legal names, addresses and valid e-mail addresses. Watch the murder rate go up in Kentucky as a result. Wait a minute….

Couch, however, said he won’t push the bill — he just wants to draw attention to the growing presence of anonymous and often mean-spirited comments on Web sites. So why go through the process of 1) getting media attention, 2) wasting government time, and 3) not understanding the constitution? How about THIS: we, as the people of the United States, should suggest a bill that requires all lawmakers and politician to produce legislature that is USEFUL.

“This is something the people back home wanted,” he said. I call bull. He was picked on an got his butt kicked in school.

Couch said parents in his district who are concerned about anonymous postings on Web logs, or blogs, about their children approached him. And we expect these spineless sissies to represent America in the Armed forces one day? My god, what is happening to our country?

Jon Fleischaker, a Louisville attorney who represents the Kentucky Press Association, said such a law would be unconstitutional. Thanks for the obvious, genius.

Besides running afoul of free speech guarantees in the First Amendment, it violates a federal law that bans states from regulating the Internet, he said. “You have a right to publish without telling people who you are,” he said. Where’s Ron Paul when you need him?

Under House Bill 775, Web site operators would be responsible for enforcing the policy and could be fined $500 for the first offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense. Who suggested those fines? Hoboken City Hall?

Fleischaker said it’s become routine for legislators to sponsor bills at odds with the First Amendment. “Every session there are always issues where legislators try to bite off more than they can chew,” he said. Earlier in this session, Rep. Jim Gooch, D-Providence, filed a bill that would require cartoonists and editorial page writers to register as lobbyists. Among other things, that would ban them from the Senate and House floors, where other media members are permitted. Because government is so used to controlling the media, how DARE someone have an opinion!

House Speaker Jody Richards said neither bill is likely to win passage. But yet they still go through the motions, because yes, this is America. Bloated bureaucracy.

Not sure why I even posted this. I think I did it because of the funny tabloid picture of “Anonymous bombs,” since that’s not too far from this guys train of thought.

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[quote comment=”72867″]Actually Hyden County Kentucky is the place to be if you are female:

“Males had a median income of $24,792 versus $31,250 for females”,_Kentucky%5B/quote%5D
All the women are prostitutes from the Emperor’s Club. I hear a few of them have been with Client 9.


Actually Hyden County Kentucky is the place to be if you are female:

“Males had a median income of $24,792 versus $31,250 for females”,_Kentucky


Hyden, Kentucky. Is that anywhere near the Creationism Museum?

ron mexico
ron mexico

F YOU.. YOU LOSER!!!!!!!

just wanted to get that out while I still can.


This Couch potato says “he just wants to draw attention to the growing presence of anonymous and often mean-spirited comments on Web sites.”

OMG, if this passed, H411 would be so boring and would probably go out of business due to dull posts and banned posters. We’d have to find something else to do with our time. 😆