“Maid Fight!”

Maid in Hoboken sues Maid in Raleigh {over trademark}

Discovered this interesting situation regarding a local Hoboken cleaning business – Maid in Hoboken.

Maid in Hoboken is suing another home cleaning company M.I.M.C. Janitorial, LLC (d/b/a Maid in Raleigh) in North Carolina over trademark violations.

Apparently Maid in Raleigh took Maid in Hoboken’s “Maid” portion of their logo and used it for themselves.

Maid in Hoboken sues Maid in Raleigh

Why was a lawsuit necessary?

I was wondering why a business would go through the expense of filing a lawsuit for something like this, and could come up with only a few logical reasons.

  • Maid in Hoboken tried amicably to tell the other business to cease using their logo (which they probably paid a designer to make) – and they refused.
  • Perhaps Maid in Hoboken was looking to reap some kind of financial windfall against the other business (which really makes no sense since they’re not competitors).

Either way, it’s odd how Maid in Hoboken even found out that another geographically distant company nicked their logo. You don’t just “stumble upon” something like that.

Maid services are wacky like that. They love the play on words for their businesses. “Maid in the USA!” or “Maid 4 You!” or “HomeMaid!” or “U Have it Maid!” or “Cleaning Maid Easy!” and even “You’ve got Maids!” I guess Maid in Raleigh came up short when trying to be “original.”

But in the end, Maid in Raleigh removed the logo the following day. I guess even though it sounds boring as hell, the cleaning industry has drama as well. (But you can be thankful it’s not “Maid in China!”)

maid in raleigh folds under legal pressure

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