No major snow this winter?

What if no major snow storms happen in Hoboken this winter?

We all know that Hoboken has never had a good record when it comes to cleanup after a major snow storm. Some years worse than others, but generally sub-par.

And the winter of 2014/2015 has gotten off to a very slow start – and according to some meteorological geeks, we may be stuck in a pattern that doesn’t see any chance of a “big storm” until at least mid-February.

But what if we get NO major snow? What happens to all that money “budgeted” for snow removal?

If that happens, property taxpayers should demand an instant rebate (say $50 each). I’m sure that would help the local economy a bit (“free dinner!”)

Of course, the city will dole out some lame excuse – and normally they just “steal” that extra money to fund crony pay-raises. But it sure would be nice one way or another to make it through this winter unscathed!

No Major Snow Hoboken NJ

Major snow storms suck in cities like Hoboken...

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rich k
rich k

Better yet, spend the savings on other long term infrastructure. Really repave some streets, rather than slapdash misery mix pothole fills that only last one winter. Actually build the park north of Shoprite that been promised as an counterbalancing amenity by at least three different building developers now. Double down by paying off the highest interest municipal bonds, so that the interest can be spent on services instead going forward.

Angry Bird
Angry Bird

Hoboken411 makes a good point here. We have to stay on this issue if we have a light winter so we know where this budgeted money goes.