Buddha Press – Doomed

Buddha Press closes in Hoboken, NJ

Jeez. I guess the “feel good” food and “healthy vegan” model is not the way to go. Buddha Press closed down suddenly at 322 Washington Street.

I guess I’m not the only one that enjoys cow’s milk in my coffee. Not tofu, almond or other new-age crap. I wonder if businesses do focus groups anymore to determine viability? Or do they just get coaxed by the fake buzz generated on social media. Whatever.

buddha press doomed Hoboken NJ - Buddha Press - Doomed

Buddha Press Juice Bar in Hoboken


Buddha Press Juice Bar Hoboken NJ Update - Buddha Press - DoomedJust a little update to the Buddha Press listing. So apparently my “guesses” as to what it might be – did not include “Juice Bar.”

Buddha Press is an endeavor from a partnership of the Pita Grill owners, along with a member of the family that started the clothing chain French Connection (remember those FCUK shirts?)

A mid-town juice bar is definitely refreshing (no pun intended) compared to the flurry of rather lame businesses that have come and gone.

Hopefully their “high end” style doesn’t come with super high prices. Because as trendy as it may be – money is money, and that would put a hamper on their future viability.

Buddha Press – Hoboken, NJ – 322 Washington St.

1/8/2015 Update:

Buddha Press coming to Hoboken NJ - Buddha Press - DoomedNoticed this new retail space Buddha Press going in at 322 Washington Street (formerly home of the Eyebrow Place). The bone-chilling cold yesterday was unbearable, so we only took a passing shot, and hoped to get some help from our “external brain” later in the warmth of our cozy apartment.

Well, the interwebs didn’t help us much as we tried to figure out what would fit into this narrow 800 square foot spot. We found businesses with similar names – like a gift shop in South Carolina – and a publishing company in Canada. But nothing specific to here in Hoboken (yet at least).

What do you think it will be (besides what we already mentioned?)

  • Another fancy coffee shop?
  • Thai sandwiches (panini “pressed”)?
  • Some kind of yoga / meditation?
  • Hindu power-lifting?
  • A new-age transcendental realty office (“wish and the condo will be yours”)?
  • An Indian newspaper or magazine?

Either way it’s nice to see a space occupied after being vacant for more than a year!

buddha press Hoboken NJ - Buddha Press - Doomed

Here’s what the space looked like while it was for rent:

322 Washington Street Hoboken NJ Buddha Press - Buddha Press - Doomed

Description: Buddha Press “High end juice bar”
Address: 322 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Thursday, February 26, 2015 12:53 pm

Can’t pay the rent on juice alone. Hoboken doesn’t have the foot traffic nyc does.

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