Temporary Parking Racket

Hoboken Temporary Parking Racket (better off in a garage!)

If you’re just “scanning,” our point is simple: Always park in a garage in Hoboken. Guaranteed less hassle (from the Temporary Parking Racket).

For those that have the attention span for a few short sentences… can you imagine how frustrated you’d be if:

  • You took the time to head to city hall and attain a “Temporary Parking Permit” (looked for parking (or walked), waited on line, paid, etc.)
  • You abided by the rules – yet for some God-foresaken reason – you STILL got a fucking parking ticket?

The city robbed you once (with your consent), then raped AND robbed you a second time (you got bitch-slapped.) What a frickin’ insult that is.

Which is why, even if it costs MORE – it is always best to pay the few extra bucks for one of the (non-city owned) private parking garages around town. Consider the money spent an insurance policy against hassle – and your part in “starving the beast” called city hall coffers. Do it today, and tell everyone you know!

Hoboken Parking Robbery - Temporary Parking Racket

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