Does the city care about your car?

3/11/2008 Update:

For the second night in a row, your bedtime story on Hoboken411 is potholes and asphalt, this time with a side order of “hate!”


City workers upset about… uh, doing their job.

From the 8th Street resident:


The city sent over three workers with two trucks and a”STEAMROLLER” today at 10am to fix the street on 8th. They shut down the road and poured black top over the entire road with tar where the hole was. They then came out with the “mini-streamroller” and did a much better repair job then before. I must say I’m surprised at the city’s response!

I overheard one worker say, “I thought I was gonna have an easy day today.” The other worker replied “Me too, I hate that hoboken411 website.” The third guy just shook his head and said “Do we have to do this all day?” One guy said “Yeah, all over town.” I had to laugh!


See the repair process from the beginning, after the jump.

3/10/2008 Update:

In less than one day, pothole temporarily fixed, and the neighbors can ease off the Xanax pills for a while.


Headache temporarily gone

“Good Afternoon hoboken411,

I want to thank you for posting the sinkhole problem on 8th Street I had submitted to you yesterday! We residents on 8th appreciate hoboken411’s aid greatly. I have an update! The city of Hoboken had sent over some workers about 10am today and filled in the hole with some tar and rock.

Although a temp fix, the explosive sound is gone for now and down the road the hole does need to be repaired completely. I have enclosed some photos of the work!


See original deathtrap below.


Here’s a weekend edition of Hoboken411 Reader Mail.

We all know our roads are is horrific shape, and complaints fall on deaf ears apparently. Today, a 6th Ward resident (and a Nino “hardly a peep” Giacchi constituent) wants to bring the giant moon crater on 8th Street to everyone’s attention. After repeated attempts to get the massive pothole/sinkhole properly fixed, it just keeps getting worse.

When will this be taken care of??

Please Help!

“Good Afternoon Hoboken411,

I would like to respectfully request the aid of hoboken411 in rectifying a problem the residents of 8th Street between Park Avenue and Garden Street are having as of late! When all else fails, it seems the only way to get anything accomplished in Hoboken is via-hoboken411.

(click above image to enlarge – 1.1MB .jpg)

For months, the street on 8th (btwn Park & Garden) has been deteriorating rapidly. Myself as well as several residents have contacted the city about the problem and every few months environmental services comes by and throws a bag of dirt in the hole to fill it which is gone within 24 hours. Every vehicle that passes and hits the hole causes an “explosive sound” which reverberates inside our homes and actually sounds like a car bomb going off at times. On at least two occasions pictures had fallen from my wall as a result of the sound. I had company over the other night and they thought it was a thunderstorm rolling in. I told them no, it was the sink hole.

Some residents have even made repeated calls to Nino Giacchi’s office without a return call.

Last year the entire block of 8th Street was paved from Hudson to Monroe in exception of 8th between Garden and Willow which made no sense considering that these two blocks had the WORST DAMAGE than the remainder of 8th on its entire route! I took many photos of the hole at various times and measured it. Its latest measurements are 6 feet long by 3 feet wide by 8 inches DEEP! In addition, several vehicles parked on 8th have almost been sideswiped as a result of vehicles swerving to avoid the gap! Other vehicles have been damaged as a result of flying gravel which is up-rooted by the passing cars hitting the hole!

I even witnessed other drivers (i.e.-victims) hit the hole so hard and fast, that their heads flew around like a pinball connecting with the windshield, dashboard, and steering wheel before coming to rest back in place!

I have enclosed a photo taken today showing the problem! PLEASE HELP!”

If the the actual 6th Ward councilman doesn’t care enough about this to take action, can another council person please STEP UP and remedy this dangerous and unpleasant situation now?

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[quote comment=”73189″]Update on the damage from the pothole I mentioned earlier in this thread, under the bridge for the train tracks on the way out of 07030 toward the Turnpike and 1/9: It has now claimed one tire, one radiator cap, one radiator, two hoses and (adding in work that I needed anyway) nearly $900. :cry:[/quote]
That pothole SUCKS!! Luckily I had enough time to swerve around it – but in rush hour I can see how everyone would hit it. My car would literally fall into that hole. It’s RIDICULOUS ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


Update on the damage from the pothole I mentioned earlier in this thread, under the bridge for the train tracks on the way out of 07030 toward the Turnpike and 1/9: It has now claimed one tire, one radiator cap, one radiator, two hoses and (adding in work that I needed anyway) nearly $900. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


[quote comment=”73073″]Don’t ever call me a retarded cousin of a politician, or my family. THAT IS JOB DISCRIMINATION…and ELDER ABUSE……..
You should read the first amendment…BACK TO THE NAMECALLING and the ABUSE?.
2. 411 is not responsible for fixing ANYTHING in this town.
Because you said you overheard a conversation? and took a picture? PU- leez…

I thought your web page was getting better with the pub crawl info and the new restaurant info and yes, even an occasional complaint, BUT….if a citizen has something to say, just post the council meeting date and time and let them have thier say, as most of us do anyway.

Namecalling, and insults, and references to ‘retarded cousins” notwithstanding…..


Do you ever do anything but complain? I looked at pretty much every post in this thread and I don’t seem to remember seeing anything directed at you anywhere until you show up with another nonsensical rant. Or are you the mysterious bystander that wrote the letter? If so, why send it in anonymously? You are so vocal on H411 and you seem to think we all know who you are (not I – I personally don’t care who you are as you seem to be about 30 cards short of a full deck and I already have too many crazies in my life to want to associate with another one), so why post a letter anonymously only to vocally defend yourself it the comment section?

strand tramp
strand tramp

“retarded cousins”…i started a new catch phrase! that’s hot!