14th Street Changes

Were 14th Street changes necessary?

The city of Hoboken recently made some 14th Street changes. And I’m not so sure I see how this benefited the community.

For one, 14th Street is a major thoroughfare in town, especially for those coming into Hoboken from the north. And the intersection of 14th & Garden always had an “informal” two lane right of way. People who wanted to continue east on 14th would stay to the left, and those wanting to head south down Garden did so in the right side of the street. Well, that efficient way of traveling has been taken away from drivers.

Now, they’ve implemented a solid white set of lines which essentially indicate that cars should not travel on the right-most side of 14th. (This was clearly communicated with the large message board sign). So instead of some cars being able to continue southbound, thus alleviating the flow of traffic (somewhat), we’ll have a longer single-file line of cars which will certainly add to the gridlock.

14th Street Changes Hoboken NJ 1 - 14th Street Changes

Stone pavers marred by “safety paint”

Almost any idiot can see the difference between stone pavers and asphalt. Especially if arranged in an organized, purposeful manner.

99.9% of the pedestrians and drivers can easily comprehend that “this means it’s a crosswalk.” A nice one, in fact – which added to the “charm” of Hoboken.

But the city didn’t feel the same way. They thought the stone pavers were NOT enough, and despite the cost involved with installing them to beautify the city – they deemed it necessary to ruin the look of the pavers with white “safety paint.” Waste of money really.

I guess to top themselves, the next time they resurface the roads, instead of just gravel, they’ll lay gold nuggets on the ground, and then just pave over it. Why not, right?

14th Street Changes Hoboken NJ 2 - 14th Street Changes

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015 12:16 pm

I agree, the changes are odd. I’d like to see a cop standing at 14th and Garden instead. This cop could write dozens of tickets for cars racing by pedestrians each hour. Something needs to change on these couple blocks, because I saw another person hit yesterday and that tops 15 since the fall. It seems to be the worst in the morning when the over entitled are racing out of town to work (I can only guess) and don’t seem to care about tagging a lady walking her dog, a mom and a stroller, or someone crossing legally after a jog/nysc session.

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