DECIEM – Multi-million dollar business in Hoboken

Did you know that the relatively unassuming brownstone at 722 Hudson Street is home to a “not normal” company that has sales in the eight-figures? That’s right, the former home of Craft Physical Therapy is now one of four worldwide locations for DECIEM. By reading about who they are – can you guess what it is they sell?

“We’re a humble and happy umbrella of good brands. We’re founded on the principle of doing everything others don’t do and we are changing the world based on this principle. We started trading in 2013. Now we own and operate more than 10 brands. Some of these brands have already become leaders in their focused categories while some are still waiting impatiently to be born. We started with 1 product in 1 market. We now have a growing portfolio of more than 50 products in more than 17 markets.

We have a very good team. And it’s growing. Most of us are doing what we have never done before and have become experts by doing (except for our boring chemists and finance guys who have done the same thing for many decades). We are growing quickly and incredible people from very diverse backgrounds join us every month.

Everything we do is of exceptional quality. Today, quality is no longer defined by merely price points or distribution channels. Quality today means being authentic, being different, being functional, being beautiful and being sensibly priced, even to the wealthy. And we respect these principles. We choose to serve the educated, the curious and the intelligent who appreciate our dedication to this very genuine definition of quality.”

Deciem Hoboken NJ office 722 Hudson Street - DECIEM

DECIEM is a “beauty” brand business!

Have you ever heard of Hand Chemistry? Fountain? Inhibitif? or Grow Gorgeous? Those are all “Beauty Brands” that DECIEM develops and markets. They have offices in the UK, Toronto and now in Hoboken, New Jersey.

DECIEM looks like a fun place to work – and they’re hiring in Hoboken too!

Does this description sound like you or anyone you know? “You must have customer service experience, and be energetic, fast-paced, honest, humble, friendly and able to adjust to diverse job responsibilities. Know how to work a computer and have good verbal and written skills.”

Cool. Then email Lois Mizdal at LM@DECIEM.COM with your resume, etc. Pay is in the “mid-30’s.”

deciem beauty products Hoboken NJ - DECIEM

Description: Health and Beauty supply company.
Address: 722 Hudson Street, Unit One, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: deciem.comTwitterFacebook

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