Coolest Squirrel in Hoboken

Tailless, but still the coolest squirrel in Hoboken

I guess my timing has been off – but apparently there has been a tailless squirrel meandering around Church Square Park in Hoboken for the past few months. I bumped into “it” back in December, and boy – it’s more friendly and approachable than some dogs I know in town.

Have you seen this squirrel at the park? Has “it” approached (or even followed) you?

The thing has no fear of humans.

Not sure how he lost his tail – but it definitely looks ragged. But this squirrel is so friendly – I wonder if it can be “rescued” and domesticated into a house pet? I’d give it a try, but the rodent (along with my living space) would last literally less than 5 minutes before it was destroyed beyond recognition.

Normally – stuff like this is not too interesting to us – but this squirrel’s incredible lack of fear for humans was more abnormal than we’re used to seeing in town.

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