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Sound City Electronics out of Bayonne has many Hoboken clients

Every other block I see Sound City Electronics installation vans. This Bayonne, NJ based company specializes in residential and commercial installation of all sorts of “technology.” Like sound systems, visual displays (TV’s for the lamen), as well as building automation products, etc. In today’s technology-saturated world – they must be making a killing!

Sound City Electronics Hoboken NJ home automation - Sound City Electronics

Curious design choice for Sound City Electronics

While we are completely okay with the whole “demand vs. supply” model, and support those on the “supply” side of the equation – I was wondering what went into the minds of the owner(s) of Sound City Electronics when they conceptualized the design on their vans in the field.

Most of the vehicle is fairly standard: Logo, contact info, and a list of basic services they offer. But what’s with the chick laying on the floor with her feet on the couch holding a smart phone?

I know Sound City Electronics offers Control4 My Home for iPad and iPhone (an all-in-one interface to let you control every single gadget in your home).

But is this what homeowners in Hoboken strive for as the work their way through the slave labor system up the corporate ladder?

To arrive at home and just lay on the floor to tinker with your mindless entertainment, songs, videos and games? Is that why people work so hard these days?

Well – I think I answered my own question judging by the long wait-list Sound City Electronics has for the “latest and greatest” technology egotistic property owners are begging for to “one up the Joneses.”

Sound City Electronic funny van design Hoboken NJ - Sound City Electronics

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Starts becoming obsolete the day after you buy it. Better off with less.