2015 Hoboken Survival Watch

On the edge: 2015 Hoboken Survival Watch

We recently published our 2014 Hoboken Business Update which listed the new and doomed businesses last year (with a few late entries after the fact, like Helmers’, Del Frisco’s, Clarke’s, Uni K Wax Center, K9dergarten). But what is on the 2015 Hoboken Survival Watch List?

Poor Cat Designs

Not sure what their model is, or what expectations Poor Cat Designs has, but I have to say I’ve never seen a single customer in this place. I’m sure their stuff is “nice,” and maybe they’re selling stuff online – but I’d be surprised to see this business last through 2015.

poor cat designs hoboken NJ always empty


They’re doing better than Poor Cat Designs, but is Anthropologie making enough to cover rent and other overhead? I have a feeling about this one. It’s not like the lower gas prices will aid them since most of their customers (here at least) walk to the store. We’ll see.

can anthropologie survive in Hoboken NJ

Marina Deli

I think every neighborhood needs a “bodega” close by. But for the love of God, it’d be nice if some of them can summon an ounce of passion. I hope they survive and serve the community, but I don’t see Marina Deli lasting too long (unless they got a sweetheart deal on rent?)

will marina deli survive in Hoboken NJ

What else is on the precipice of doom in Hoboken?

Will Crumbs v2.0 make it? Will the multiple “blow out salons” make the cut? High-end “fitness” places that charge more than some people pay in rent each month?

It’ll be interesting to watch the business landscape this year, that’s for sure!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015 12:11 pm

Me! With prices continuing to climb, and do few nice 2-3BR’s, I am on the watch list. It is odd, but there is a model where living in NYC might actually be easier than here in Hoboken…

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 12:36 pm

Wait, I thought Del Friscos was coming in 2015??

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