PATH Cuts – Yeah, so?

PATH cuts Hoboken service to 33rd St. by 3.96%

A few weeks ago the Port Authority quietly “tweaked” PATH service from Hoboken to 33rd Street. FIVE (5) less trains per weekday. The only noticeable difference to commuters is a 60 second longer wait for rush hour trains. One minute.

That one minute was enough for “mayor” Don Dimmer and her political cronies to craft up a “don’t let any crisis go to waste” announcement. This is what she’s getting paid $150k a year plus bennies for? Wow! Money well spent, that’s for sure!

Path Service Cuts Hoboken NJ Don Zimmer

Hoboken leads NJ in “press releases per square mile”

Let’s break down today’s announcement line by line!

14% Service Reduction Without Public Process as Ridership Grows 11% in Two Years

Wrong. See how they “cherry pick” data? From the political playbook 101.

Hoboken “Mayor” Zimmer wrote to Port Authority to urge the organization to reverse the recent PATH service cuts for Hoboken that were implemented on April 26, 2015 with no public process. The City of Hoboken learned about the issue due to complaints from residents who noticed the change in service.

“Complaints?” “Public Process?” Wow, we live amongst entitled whiners and cry babies. One minute difference. Remember that. I can only imagine going to dinner with those “complainers.” What a shit show that would be. They’re probably the same assholes who complain on Yelp that the dinner rolls had 10% less sesame seeds than last year.

“It won’t surprise anyone who has tried to squeeze onto a rush hour PATH train to learn that ridership at Hoboken has grown 11 percent in the last two years – more than at any other station in the State,” said “mayor” Don Dimmer. “We should be talking about adding more capacity, yet the Port Authority cut rush hour service by 14 percent overnight with no public input. It defies all logic. In Hoboken, we have created a walk-friendly, transit-friendly, mixed-use community, but our residents and our economy are completely undermined by this action. Enough with the service cuts, enough with the short-sightedness. Let’s invest in a 21st century transportation system that will truly support our growing region.”

Their MATH defies all logic. And what the fuck is she talking about “WE” have “created” that “friendly community?” It was here WAY before she crawled into town – and will be here LONG after she scurries out of here.

The service change reduces peak service on the Hoboken to 33rd Street line by 14%. Between 7:30am and 9:30am, service from Hoboken to 33rd Street has been cut from 19 trains to 16 trains. From 4:30pm to 6:45pm, service from 33rd Street to Hoboken was reduced from 24 trains to 21 trains. Late evening service from 9pm to midnight was reduced from 11 trains to 9 trains.

Ah – now you see? “Peak.” You can adjust any sample size or criteria to make the conclusions sound better or worse. Big deal.

“I would invite any of these decision makers to come along for a ride on the PATH during the morning commute from Hoboken and provide their honest assessment as to whether or not the system needs more or fewer trains,” said Hoboken Council President Ravinder “Pay to Play” Bhalla. “Residents who keep their cars off the road and use public transit are repeatedly being punished with fare hikes, overcrowded trains, and threats to their primary mode of transportation. I fail to comprehend how an increase in ridership leads to a decrease in services. I find it unacceptable that while the Port Authority spends billions on other projects, they are penny-pinching in Hoboken, punishing their most loyal customers. I hope the Port Authority will reverse this decision and invest in a transportation system that rewards riders.”

Fuck this guy. See how they draw a correlation between cars and being “punished?” He should be punished for opening his mouth.

Ridership at the Hoboken PATH station has increased by 11 percent since 2012. According to publicly available Port Authority data, the Hoboken PATH station had an average of 19,890 passengers per day in 2012 and 22,078 passengers per day in 2014.

They couldn’t even get this right. They were talking about weekday peak service in one instance – and overall ridership in the next. Average weekday ridership in 2014 was actually 26,976 per day. And in 2012 was 24,232 per day. Only 10% change (which is why they chose to use the “11 percent” number!) What douchebags!

Enjoy your extra 60 seconds of Fakebook updates!

“mayor” Zimmer utters meaningless stuff about PATH cuts

12/28/2014 Update:

Okay – time for a Hoboken “mayoral fluff debunking” about some “proposed” PATH cuts made public on December 26, 2014.

The Governors of NY and NJ recently joined forces on a “special panel” regarding “the future of the Port Authority.” (See document here.)

The nearly 100 page report covers a swath of topics. Including organizational changes, ethics and compliance. It also covers everything else the Port Authority is responsible for – like airports, bus terminals, PATH and all related facilities. Half a page of the report (0.05%) covered potential PATH service changes.

  • In a nutshell, those changes are: Eliminate service between 1am and 5am daily.
  • And the reasoning? Less than 1,500 riders use the train during that time frame.
  • The PATH would save over $10 million dollars by making this cut.

Don Zimmer uses strong language – offers no substantial backup

Zimmer issued some kind of press release (to “hint” that she hasn’t stepped down yet). Let’s break down her “response” to this (minor) change the Port Authority is suggesting.

“I will vigorously oppose any efforts to cut PATH service.”

How can you “vigorously” oppose the efforts exactly? Email press releases? Really? Does writing letters involve vigorous movement?

“This irresponsible proposal is a classic example of being penny wise and dollar foolish. Shutting down overnight PATH service will cost the State of New Jersey many times the supposed savings in lost economic activity, sales tax and business tax revenues.”

Nice use of a famous catch phrase, Don. So exactly HOW will it cost NJ 50 or 100 million in LOST economic activity if only 1,500 people’s rides will be affected? Is it 1,500 billionaires? Or 1,500 stumbling drunks?

Have you ever thought that it may BRING IN more money? Most people in Hoboken use the train at those hours to COME HOME and pass out from a night in the city – not NYC residents rushing to Hoboken for “last call for alcohol” at Texas Arizona.

Will the Real Estate market TANK because a potential new resident can’t hop on a train at 3:47am? Highly doubt that!

What about the money saved on police calls to the PATH during those times?

“Cities like Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark are growing because residents and businesses want good access to transportation options like the PATH. It is incomprehensible that any New Jersey official would be willing to even consider this proposal that would only hurt the State’s economy.”

Remember, 1,500 people use the train during that time frame. We could say the same about the 10’s of THOUSANDS of people “hurt” by Hoboken’s draconian parking ticket and boot policy, which is good ONLY for city and state economies. How about ‘dem apples, don?

“We should be investing to expand, not limit our regional transit system.”

How can you expand past 24 hours a day? Plus, one of the suggestions was offering an alternative “bus” service for whiny drunks who need transport during the wee hours of the night. Sounds okay to me.

“I applaud the report recommendations to build a new Port Authority Bus Terminal and pursue additional trans-Hudson tunnel capacity and hope the recommendation to undermine the PATH system is quickly scrapped.”

Yadda, yadda, yadda. If anything – she might be “in the know” that this “recommendation” is already slated to be “scrapped,” and she’s trying to look like some kind of hero for “speaking out about it,” so she can take credit for it in the future. That’s often how politics works.

It’s clear this lady wants to be perceived in a positive light. When it’s obvious – looking at the situation for more than one second, that she made no sense at all – and sounds desperate (sort of like that bogus “diary” entry.)


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Just another reason why many are finding it cheaper and more convenient to live in many neighborhoods in NYC…


I’ve noticed a big difference the last few weeks with my morning commute. The evening has not been as bad but in the morning I can definitely tell there are less trains. The wait is slightly longer but I can handle waiting an extra minute. It’s more the crowds on the platform and train that has been annoying. And of course it makes people act even more child-like running on and pushing their way for seats. I don’t mind standing but when the train is so crowded you uncomfortably have strangers up against you it’s annoying. But I don’t see the PATH adding those trains back and I’ll continue to use the PATH because it’s the most direct way for me to commute to work.

no hype
no hype

Your obvious hatred of any mode of transportation other than automobiles is extremely irritating. It seems to me that you spend more time writing pointless drivel about HPU “hypocrisy” and how your parking spot was taken up by a snow mound. Real riveting reporting there… Why don’t you get in touch with the way the vast majority of residents commute to work everyday and how lessening service is the complete opposite of what they should do? And while you are at it, stop being cheap and get an apartment with a garage spot so you can stop getting your panties in a bunch when there are parking issues here in town.


How can you be for Hoboken but against Path service, which is the lifeblood of this town?


Took them a month to realize the schedule change? Shows you how in the loop they are. All that talk about bike lanes makes it hard to keep tabs on the real issues.