Christmas is Over

Down the drain – Christmas is over in Hoboken

This happens every year – Christmas is over so soon for some people. It’s still technically “Christmas Weekend,” and a whole lotta trees have already been discarded in town. What gives?

I came up with a few theories:

  • They might have honestly either had a crappy tree, or failed to water it properly to the point where it became a fire hazard (the only valid point I could come up with for “early disposal.”)
  • They suffer from OCD and absolutely cannot feel right about having a tree after the holiday has concluded.
  • Or another version of OCD being unable to cope with the falling needles and constant cleanup?
  • Or prefer getting ready for the next holiday ASAP? Go MLK!
  • Live in such tiny apartments whereas getting rid of the tree effectively doubles their living space (can’t blame them for that!)

But if you care for your tree (watering daily) you can easily keep it going well into January. Sad to see these trees go by the wayside. Until 2015…!

Christmas is Over in Hoboken NJ as Xmas trees get thrown out just 2 days after

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You complained 8 days of Hanukkah was too long, so maybe this person read that as is trying to keep Christmas short.


I am keeping my tree until the 12th day of Christmas for the three Kings. My gifts aren’t late until after that 😉

joey maxim
joey maxim

i think the epiiphny is the 7th ..the day the three kings arrived..according to scripture..[quote comment=”224190″]I am keeping my tree until the 12th day of Christmas for the three Kings. My gifts aren’t late until after that [/quote]