Uni K Wax Center

Uni K Wax Center now open in Hoboken, NJ

In thrilling news, the Uni K Wax Center is now open at 606 Washington St. in Hoboken. Smooth times ahead!

As part of their “grand opening celebration,” they’re offering new customers free services (bikini line wax for ladies, shoulder waxing for guys), or 10% off any other service.

Not sure how to pronounce their name?

“To pronounce our name properly, it is “UN EEH KAY” Wax Center. It is an interesting play on the words “unique” and “unisex” because our waxing hair removal services are both “unik” and for men and women. Our wax used for face and body waxing is applied at body temperature and is 100% all natural and ideal for even the most sensitive skin. You will discover that our superior and elastic green wax is special and can be found only at Uni K Wax Centers.”

They’re open seven days a week until 9pm (except Sundays until 7pm).

UniKwax hoboken nj now open - Uni K Wax Center

Description: Waxing Center
Address: 606 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)430-7695
Online: unikwax.comTwitterFacebook

Uni K Wax Center – Hoboken, NJ – 606 Washington Street

12/26/2014 Update:

Coming in 2015 to the former Romantic Depot spot at 606 Washington Street is Uni K Wax Center (“Unik” like “Unique”).

Yep. Another chain / franchise type business coming to Hoboken (sort of like European Wax Center).

Don’t you just love the “character” of a business like this? This, I tell ya, is what makes Hoboken stand out from the rest of the boring cities in the country. /sarc

Anyway, Uni K Wax Center is a relatively new and small chain, with just over 30 locations in three states (The Hoboken location will be the fourth state, and the first in NJ). Apparently what sets Uni K Wax apart is the “body temperature” natural wax they use. Who knows.

There must be a huge market in Hoboken for people who just want to get rid of that pesky hair. The Pretty Kitty is another recent addition to the lineup of companies “keeping the mile square smooth.” So now if your girlfriend has a out-of-control forest where the light don’t shine – she has absolutely no excuse!

Uni K Wax Hoboken NJ coming Soon 606 Washington Street - Uni K Wax Center

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