Christmas Eve (off the beaten path)

Christmas Eve off the beaten path in Hoboken

As we wind down for our holy holiday here in Hoboken, here are some entertaining “off the beaten path” videos in honor of Christmas Eve. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we did curating this fun collection of holiday diversions.

Pentatonix – Don’t Worry Winter Wonderland

Bobby McFerrin is still to this day, probably my single favorite individual musician, creator, artist in the world. I didn’t recall him doing any holiday stuff or covers (maybe he’s atheist?)

But we found this very well-produced “mashup / cover” that this group Pentatonix did combining McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” with the traditional “Winter Wonderland.” I have to say it’s nicely done, and well worth a listen or two. My critique? Maybe a little too perfect.

Robert Plant – Santa Claus is Back in Town

OLD school! Back in the 80’s! Robert Plant, along with Brian Setzer and the Honeydrippers performing “Santa Claus is Back in Town…”

Didn’t music used to be more fun?

Beatles – Christmas Time is Here Again

Here’s a happy sounding Beatles song – “Christmas Time is Here Again.” Not sure, but I almost think they might have been forced to record this?

Bill Cosby Christmas Jigglers

Frankly – even though I’ve seen Bill Cosby’s name in the “news” a lot lately – not sure what it’s really about (some kind of abuse?) Who knows, sound more to me like a character assassination, but you can never know for sure these these days.

But look at Bill Cosby jiggling Jello slices with the Holiday Spirit!

John Lennon Christmas / War

Sure, we’ll close this post out with a very well known song from John Lennon – “Happy Xmas (war is over).”

Makes you wonder even more about why he’s not around anymore…

You have any suggestions for “off the beaten path” Christmas songs? Send them to and I’ll add to the comments!

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