Hoboken Branding & Wayfinding {update}

Update: Wayfinding or “why finding?”

The city recently started installing those dopey “wayfinding” signs around town. So dumb they are.

Most sensible people we’ve talked to think they’re ridiculous, a waste of money, and yet one more object to have to maintain (or vandalized).

And what happened to the regular signs that just told you which way to go? These have walking times, bicycle times, too much information!

Additionally – the signs of days past only displayed info about the cardinal direction you were facing (front, left or right).

Today? They have “behind” you too – which is illogical – because the signs point DOWN. What does that mean? The core of the Earth?

How long before this gets corrupted? Some group or destination will CRY because they were not “included.” This is not “inclusive” says one offended group of overly-sensitive assholes. It’s discriminating against cupcake shops! Include us today or else!

Yet another progressive idea that we think should burn in hell.

Hoboken wayfinding signs dumbest thing ever for a mile square city

Colossal waste of money – Hoboken Branding & Wayfinding


Holy crap, how low can you go these days? The city is spending nearly a million dollars (of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY) for something called the “Citywide Wayfinding and First Street Streetscape Revitalization Project.”

This project will supposedly “create a new brand identity” for Hoboken. That is a euphemism for “Desperately want people NOT to think about flooding, parking boots or idiotic and corrupt mayors.”

Hoboken Wayfinding and branding waste of moneyAdditionally, they want to create a new “wayfinding” system, which includes “unique signage, banners, touch-screen kiosks, murals and mosaics.” WTF?

Uniqueness comes from letting the community do that type of stuff on their own. Naturally. NOT some government-mandated and overseen socialist project. Just like that stupid American Express main street shop local program – the odds of this being a miserable failure are immense.

And wayfinding? I mean the city is one square mile with nice easy to understand grid of streets. If you need “help” getting around this city, perhaps you’re a liability and should not visit. Don’t we have homeless people and struggling elderly people? But no, we need colorful signs and QR codes!

They have a survey too – which asks “fun” questions to answer, like:

  • Name 3 features unique to Hoboken: (like excessive parking boot theft, constant flooding, and a sea of entitled, narcissistic zombies)
  • Name 3 things you would change about Hoboken is perceived by others: (Why would they ask that of residents?)
  • Name 3 adjectives that best describe Hoboken: (Floody, over-priced, greedy)
  • What 1 color do you most associate with Hoboken: (Who the fuck can even answer that question with a sane mind?)
  • Name 3 locations that the city would benefit from “wayfinding” materials: (Do people need this stuff that will eventually get destroyed by drunks and graffiti vandals?)

And lastly – they ask which of the three “brand specimens” you like best. NYC, Prague, and Bologna. I mean really, are they just going to “copy” some other crappy branding?

Hoboken Branding Wayfinding

The city should politely return this money and let it go to better use. I mean, really. This ought to be fun to watch.

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Waste upon misspending and abuse of power. The good news is you can vote six of the culprits out and the one seriously ethically challenged can be ask to step down. The call it way faring but the seek to change the image of Hoboken and rewrite it’s history and culture.


First objective would be to retire the diary writing Mayor then your image goes up 75%!