Hoboken Week in Review: 12/21/2014

Hoboken Week in Review – December 21, 2014

Hoboken Week in Review December 21 2014 Hoboken411 NJ - Hoboken Week in Review: 12/21/2014

Happy First Day of Winter! Here’s a few noteworthy stories from Hoboken411.com to share from the week ending Sunday, December 21, 2014:

City Happenings & Political Quackery

  • Bhalla BlunderThis bonehead should just say he was wrong and quit. They’ll never admit fault. Ever.
  • Hoboken Image MakeoverOr is it “Reputation Rescue?” A million bucks spent for some very low-priority crap in town.
  • Retail OverloadDoes Hoboken just have “too many stores?”
  • Pedestrians or Cattle?Hoboken feels the need to corral pedestrians because they’re a hazard to themselves and drivers.
  • Buzzed DrivingIs drunk driving, so they say. Plus, any cop can flat out decide your fate. How does that make you feel?

Business & Other Hoboken Updates

Wake-up Quote of the Week:

most people cant stand spending a few minutes by themself yet they expect others to spend an hour a day or even a lifetimme with them mokokoma - Hoboken Week in Review: 12/21/2014

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