Summer Camps at Stevens Cooperative

4/9/2008 Reminder:

Here’s a reminder for all the new readers, and those that may have missed this entry about the fabulous Day Camp offered by Stevens.


Fantastic! More choices for parents this summer for their children. Locations in both Hoboken and Jersey City, plus fun with test tubes! Cool!

Summer Camps at Stevens Cooperative

Summer Camps at Stevens Cooperative School are creative safe and engaging places for children ages 4-14. Our camps are housed in our air conditioned and well equipped Newport and Hoboken facilities on the Hudson River. Our camp programs provide a variety of activities that are rooted in progressive education tenets. Children participate in both visual and performing arts programs. The sports activities include tennis, softball and swimming. Children go on weekly or bi-weekly field trips, depending on their age, within the metropolitan area. Activities are designed to foster cooperation, self-confidence, self-awareness, teamwork, learning and FUN!


Day Camp at River Street: Hoboken
For children entering 4s/Pre-K and Kindergarten

Summer Camp at Newport: Jersey City
For children entering Kindergarten — 4th grade

Explorers Traveling Camp for 5th—8th graders
Home Base: Newport Campus

Geek Weeks in Hoboken: Science and Computer Camps for 3rd-5th graders
Test Tube Madness-Week of 7/14 9am—4pm
E-Magination: Creating a Virtual Comic Book Week of 7/21 9am—4pm

Need more information? Email and download FULL PDF Registration form with lots more information.

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