What next for 506 Jefferson?

What next for old Diana’s spot at 506 Jefferson Street?

One of the last few true “neighborhood” eats – Diana’s – closed last year, and was recently “sold” on the real estate market.

Everyone I asked was convinced that there was no way in hell a new cafe with a “small town feel” will be coming in to replace it. Most likely bland, generic housing once again (which is fine if that’s what the proprietor wants).

But in today’s tumultuous real estate market, along with mavens trying to score big – what are the chances a genuine old school place (without the modern marketing and technology) can survive? Are the “good old fashioned times” just pretty much extinct?

What would work in this neighborhood anyway?

what would work dianas 506 jefferson st hoboken NJ

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The MacMaster
The MacMaster
Monday, December 22, 2014 7:16 am

I heard it was gonna be some new apartments.

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