Over-saturated retail?

Over-saturated retail spaces in Hoboken?

A lot of new buildings in Hoboken are either recently completed – or soon on the way. And along with most of those buildings, are ground floor retail spaces. But does Hoboken really need any more shopping options, or have we reached the point of over-saturated retail?

Take Maxwell Place uptown as an example. Other than the flagship W. Kodak Jewelers store which will open up this spring – what would truly be “nice to have” in Hoboken that we don’t already have?

With Hoboken being “rated” one of the most “walkable” cities in the country, do we really need a dry cleaner, nail salon, Realtor and doctor’s office on every street? Or is it really true that most people suffer from the dreaded “Four Block Radius Syndrome?”

Would having so many duplicate types of stores just make it even harder for businesses to survive? Especially with the rent that Hoboken is apparently “commanding” these days?

Kind of a shame that all these new developments have to include “street level retail.” Which is why I like blocks like Bloomfield Street or Hudson Street that have nothing but residential “stoops” where you can meet neighbors, and feel like part of a community rather than a pedestrian at a shopping mall.

Do you think all these retail spaces that are available will fill up?

What businesses does hoboken need - Over-saturated retail?

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