Ultimate Smoke & Vapor

Just what Hoboken needed: Ultimate Smoke & Vapor

Taking the place of the doomed Mad One Jacks salon down by the PATH station (22 Hudson Place) is Ultimate Smoke & Vapor.

Everything related to smoking. Either real tobacco cigarettes or the newest trend Electronic Cigarettes (or e-cigs).

E-Cigs were initially hailed as the “smoke free” way to quit smoking. By inhaling vapors of nicotine and other suspicious chemicals. They’re supposed to be somewhat cheaper than tobacco, and you can also “smoke” them in many places that tobacco smoke is banned.

This trend is very peculiar, because I think people become more addicted to these fruity contraptions than real cigarettes. An almost cult-like following these days. The phrases they use too… “Vaping” and “juice” just sounds so stupid.

And apparently it’s being revealed that these chemical smokes are probably worse for you overall than tobacco. How can you trust these mystery juices anyway?

Have fun with your “vapes!”

Ultimate Smoke Vapor Hoboken NJ Hudson Place - Ultimate Smoke & Vapor

Description: Inhalation specialists.
Address: 22 Hudson Pl., Hoboken, NJ 07030

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