Indulgence knows no boundaries

Local or not – Indulgence knows no boundaries in Hoboken

Boy, when it comes time to “feed your vice” in Hoboken, the whole “support hometown business” model gets thrown out the window. Because as I’ve witnessed, indulgence knows no boundaries, limitations or conscious self-control. Especially when it comes to overly sugary treats like cupcakes and other sweet things.

Every time I pass by (newly revived) Crumbs Bake Shop on Washington Street, I always see some people in there high off their rockers, shoveling some kind of ultra-rich bakery item and a cup of coffee. Remember, Crumbs is a chain – regardless if it’s in your neighborhood or not. Funny how that moist chocolate morsel can make you forget about what a true neighborhood business means compared to supporting a billion-dollar conglomerate. “Screw that, we need to raise our blood sugar, right now!”

Well, if you really insist on doing this to yourself – at least find a truly local shop! Instead of a chain, we suggest trying places like Nancy’s Sweet Shoppe, Lepore’s Chocolates or Sweet Hoboken Cupcakes.

Indulgence at Crumbs Bake Shop Hoboken NJ - Indulgence knows no boundaries

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