1977 – The Coolest Year in Hell

You live through 1977?

I kind of feel bad for anyone born 30 years ago or less. So much they missed. In the earlier story about KRS-One, it reminded me of a documentary entitled 1977. One amazing year where so much happened in the music scene. Punk. Disco. Hip Hop were all essentially born.

Those times (and even being an “adult” in the 80’s) were something else. The freedom. The “danger” and recklessness was one thing, but the ability to fall and pick yourself back up without meddling from someone else was divine. Things were more “raw” and less commercialized. Think Maxwell’s then – and Maxwell’s now. That’s a perfect comparison.

Today’s “nanny state” makes having fun that much more difficult. And with political correctness (everyone offended), profound distractions (300+ channels) and constant contact (phone with you 24/7) – how many of you really have a true sense of being anymore? Or is it all horribly shallow these days? Can digital photo timelines and one-sentence interactions really be called “life?” Even if you’re “in” the photos? People seem to need “selfies” simply to exist nowadays.

Anyway – if you have the attention span, and have not seen this documentary – it’s well worth watching (more than once). Enjoy!

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Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Saturday, December 13, 2014 12:19 am

Just finished watching, never saw it before. Amazing movie. To see how things have changed is astonishing. I understand the good and bad with progress, but the general nature of humanity had more free spirited energy and individuality. Maybe knowing too much is a detriment to all of us. Everyone looks the same to me these days.

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