KRS-One gets props in Hoboken

Any of you remember KRS-One?

Spotted this interesting (minor) graffiti along Washington St. the other day: “KRS-One meets Tent City N.Y.City.” May not mean much on the surface, but it reminded my of some good times.

Growing up during the “birth” of Hip Hop / Rap was definitely good times. There were many prolific hip-hoppers out there, and KRS-One (Boogie Down Productions) was one of the best. We all had it playing in our “boomin’ systems…”

Krs-One graffiti hoboken NJ

KRS-One and BDP were prophets!

But going back and re-listening to his stuff from 20-25 years ago, and you realize how far ahead of the times he was with his lyrics! Especially important now, with all this moronic Michael Brown and Eric Garner crap hitting the streets. If everyone, and I mean everyone listened carefully to the messages it would make sense – and the violence would stop.

But we DO NOT HAVE PHILOSOPHY or critical thinking in popular music anymore. Not whatsoever! Thinking is outlawed!

Here are a few very relevant Boogie Down Productions / KRS-One songs that could easily be considered current today.

Boogie Down Productions: “Who protects us from you?”

Listen to the lyrics – or read them here. How true today? “You were put here to protect us – But who protects us from you?”

Boogie Down Productions: “Stop the Violence”

One of their first hits – and sensible lyrics again. Might be dated – but just replace some of the words – and it’s just like today! (Including presidential vacations).

Enjoy!Proof that listening to music of days past is well worth your time.

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Mrs. L
Mrs. L
Saturday, December 13, 2014 12:24 am

Incredible. Never liked rap music, because it is just not not my kind of sound. But looking at the lyrics, you’re right, what a message. Did not translate into any kind of long term change obviously enough. Where is this KRS guy today? Is he still alive?

Friday, December 12, 2014 12:19 pm

I remember KRS-1 and BDP. Was and still am a fan of My Philosophy, Jimmy (The J The I The M The M The Y), Jack of Spades, Breath Control….and every time I hear a cop siren I say….Da Sounds of Da Police.

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