2014 Christmas Decorations

2014 Christmas Decorations in Hoboken, NJ

Figured we’d highlight some traditional, creative or interesting 2014 Christmas Decorations spotted around town recently.

Do you think the “Christmas Spirit” dwindled over the past years? Even though we don’t watch the “moving pictures” on a TV set connected to media channels, I’d suspect the overwhelming non-stop marketing of the (spend money) season might have a role in diluting the “special” feeling Christmas used to have.

But judging by the (most likely inaccurate) long term weather forecast – there’s a chance for snow flakes on Christmas Day!

What kind of Christmas Decorations do you like in Hoboken?

In the gallery above:

  • Photos 1 -2: Former Hoboken Mayor Dave Roberts always has a classy and wholesome Christmas look on his house, and his neighbors do appreciate it!
  • Photo 3: Like what Mimosa Digital did (with what they had) with their otherwise bland storefront. They made the windows look like little packages! Cute!
  • Photo 4: Sometimes “less is more,” as evidenced by the classy, yet simple look that Sparrow Wine put forward.
  • Photo 5: Flo on Wheels didn’t have much to work with, but they made their small window “snowy,” and gift-wrapped their front door.
  • Photo 6: And Mills Tavern also kept it classy with two healthy wreaths with bows.

Maybe now’s the time to amp up that spirit a little bit?

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