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You ever drive by a particular place all the time, wonder what it’s like, but never go? Well here’s a good example of one of those instances, and part of the occasional “Get out of Hoboken” series.

Hi So Thai Restaurant

Had lunch at the new Hi So Thai restaurant in Weehawken yesterday. Hi So Thai is located near the Lincoln Tunnel entrance right over the Willow Ave. bridge. It’s exactly the kind of restaurant that is so close, but seemingly inconvenient and easy to forget. Maybe the bridge or the location has something do with it, who knows. I meant to try the other Thai restaurant that was there previously (different owners), but never got around to it.

hi so thai weehawken hoboken 3 - Hi So Thai - Weehawken

Since I’ve been up for 46 of the past 48 hours, I’ll spare you the complicated review, and sum it all up briefly. Want to skip the review entirely? Download Hi So Thai menu here and get ordering then.

Otherwise, see the food, the interior and get the verdict after the jump!


So what’s the place like?

hi so thai weehawken hoboken 7 - Hi So Thai - Weehawken

I have to say, the interior wasn’t all that bad. Spacious enough, plenty of light, and frankly it was nice not to have to see the same Hoboken folks walk by. May be good for a “secret rendezvous?”

hi so thai weehawken hoboken 11 - Hi So Thai - Weehawken

Service was as perfect as you’d want. They were friendly and quick, but didn’t rush you. Now I did go during a mid-week lunch, so I cannot be sure if they’re the type of establishment that rushes you out, like some restaurants in Hoboken do. The Manager “Chai” was informative and helpful, he even started an appetizer order without me asking when I mentioned “ooh, that’s my favorite…”

The food

My baseline for comparison is Sri Thai, which in my opinion, the best Thai place I’ve tried around here. So keep that in mind.


Curry Puffs- Cooked potato with curry and other spices in a flaky dough triangle. Above average, but not spectacular. I prefer the fluffier dough that Sri Thai and T Thai use. Over priced at $7.00 per serving.
hi so thai weehawken hoboken curry puffs - Hi So Thai - Weehawken

Chicken Dumplings- Excellent! Delicious lumps of spicy chicken lightly pan fried and served with red pepper / soy sauce-like dip. A bit steep at $7.00 per serving (1.40 per dumpling.. 70 cents per bite), but worth it.
hi so thai weehawken hoboken chicken dumplings - Hi So Thai - Weehawken


Drunk Noodle with Chicken- My friend ordered this and it was pretty tasty. It was on the lunch special and cost $8.00. The noodles were heavy like they were supposed to be, and the Chicken was well cooked. Overall above average. Lunch specials do not come with any extras like rice, spring roll, etc. (Sorry for my lack of Zagat verbiage.. exhausted as I write this..)
hi so thai weehawken hoboken drunk noodles - Hi So Thai - Weehawken

Beef Salad- This is the equivalent of the Yum Nua salad from Sri Thai. Spicy carved BBQ beef, over salad (cucmubers, red onion, lettuce, scallions and cilantro). Almost on par with Sri Thai, but not quite. Very delicious, but had a different texture, larger cuts of ingredients. Hi So’s version was certainly hotter than I expected, much to my delight. I love getting high off hot food, and sweating it off. Overall very good, but costly again at $10 per plate.
hi so thai weehawken hoboken beef salad - Hi So Thai - Weehawken

Overall, I have to say I wasn’t disappointed in any way. I’d say the food was probably second best in the area based on my initial sample since I order them all the time no matter what Thai place I go to. The total bill came out to 38.50 for two people, two appetizers, two entrees and two sodas.

They just started delivering this weekend, so give them a shot if you don’t want to brave the bridges of North Hoboken.

Description: Thai restaurant, eat in, BYOB, delivery, cash only (for now)
Address: 1903 Willow Ave, Weehawken, NJ 07086
Telephone: 201-902-0991, 0992
Website: www.Hi-Sothai.com

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Hey dude, maybe you should be posting on Weehawken 411 instead . . .


Please stay in Hoboken
We don’t need Hoboken people in Weehawken
Weehawken is a nice place to live
We want to keep it that way!


Checked this place out on Friday night…glad we did. It was fantastic! Food was excellent. Much better than Sri Thai – more generous portions, better flavor, etc. Highly recommend this place.


It is good, and a lot roomier than most places in town…even if it happened to be filled to capacity you wouldn’t be rubbing elbows with strangers at the next table.


I think that the food here is very tasty. I love Thai food and all its flavors and Hi So Thai also uses fresh ingredients. It’s nice to have something around the area that’s very laid back and also quite good.