Why make it so difficult? {parking}

Parking Pain in the Ass in Hoboken

Skipping the debate on whether it’s even right to have “paid parking” in Hoboken, let’s at least talk about parking during the biggest shopping holiday period of the year.

Other cities provide generous and AMPLE free parking for extended periods of time the weeks leading to Christmas. Not in Hoboken. We still have those retarded robotic “muni-meters” for people to contend with.

Like this little old lady who was FUMBLING and BUMBLING with her dollars in the rain and wind… and she proceeded to drop it in a puddle – and it no longer was able to go into the machine (it would probably electrocute her). Then she had to go into a local store to see if they’d exchange the bill. Does that leave a lasting positive impression?

parking meter issues in Hoboken lead to unhappy visitors

Same with this guy on a windy side street, rain blowing in his face while he navigated the control panel for the “privilege” to spend money in Hoboken. Is that really “progress?” I mean really, think back to when and why all this started and try to figure out cui bono?

memorable parking meter experiences in Hoboken NJ

You want people to come to town to visit the (very nice) businesses? Then get out of the way and allow commerce to happen.

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