Great gift deal at ShopRite

Who knew you could score a great gift deal at Shoprite?

great gift deal at shoprite hoboken NJWe all have our “usual avenues” to shop at. Whether brick and mortar – or online. But sometimes you just stumble on something that is a perfectly awesome deal – and at the right time as well! I found a perfect match for myself, and realized it was a super great gift deal at Shoprite for this Christmas season as well.

I was in the market for a new cookware set. One of my pans broke, and wanted a “deep dish” style large frying pan. All the other “big box” stores had individual pans on sale for in the $50 neighborhood. If I wanted a “fancy” one at places like Williams-Sonoma – I’d have to part ways with a couple hundred bucks. But Shoprite ( has this Bialetti Aeternum Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set on sale for $49.99. Insane prices for six pots and pans and four lids. A similar unit (minus one pan and one cover) on Amazon is $133!

Note that this product got some “bad” reviews, because people don’t understand the limitations of their tools. Ceramic is not meant for super-high temperature cooking. The same way a pickup truck isn’t meant for speed racing or a slalom course. But this set is a joy to use, and super easy to clean. Give one away as a Christmas gift and look like a hero while saving yourself some cash!

shoprite bialetti aeternum nonstick cookware hoboken nj

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